About Us

Who We Are

Inclusive Community For Breast Health, or ICBH, provides live support groups facilitated to LGBTQ+ individuals in conjunction with our academic partners. This 501(c)(3) community was founded by Dina Proto, RN.

The program is designed to be inclusive of all members of the LGBQ+ community, their support persons and allies who value inclusivity. Our sessions and discussions are inclusive of all community members in unity as well as groups designed for individual LGBTQ+ identities — with attention to the unique experiences of each gender identity and expression.

Welcome To Our Community

INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY FOR BREAST HEALTH provides education and resources for LGBTQ+ individuals who are in treatment for or to prevent breast cancer. We also work to improve cultural competence within the healthcare system through collaboration with academic and healthcare organizations.

Why have we created ICBH?

ICBH was created to serve LGBTQ+ folx facing breast health issues and seeking inclusive support. Our services complement the resources available to the heterosexual community while incorporating the specific needs of LGBTQ+ folx. In addition to program support covering topics relevant to the LGBTQ+ community, we want you to have resources to share with your healthcare providers who may not have culturally competent or clinically relevant training in serving the LGTQ+ patient population. Our goal is to empower you to advocate for yourself in order to obtain care in an environment that treats your authentic self.