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ICBH is designed to support those facing breast health issues whether they are preventive in nature, currently receiving treatment or after completing the course of treatment.

We offer support groups and resources for LGBTQ+ people facing breast cancer or prophylactic treatment to prevent breast cancer. These groups offer a safe space to be fully authentic. They are an important alternative to their heteronormative counterparts.

Inclusive Community For Breast Health provides education and resources for LGBTQ+ individuals in treatment for breast health issue while improving cultural competence within the healthcare system through collaboration with academic and healthcare organizations.

Useful Session Topics

  • Empowerment
  • Quality of Life
  • Self Help
  • Get Your Clarification
  • Survival of Breast Cancer

Points to Ponder

  • Reduced medical errors
  • Increased market share
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved patient satisfaction/population trust
  • Improved patient outcomes

Communicating With LGBTQ+ Patients

The Basics: The difference between sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression

How do LGBTQ+ patient needs differ from heternormative patient needs?

Current Stats/Evidence Based Research.

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Adopting to Change

We teach and train the staff of healthcare organizations how to translate cultural competency to clinical relevancy when caring for the LGBTQ+ patient.

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Fast Facts

Did You Know?

  • At least 4.5% of U.S. citizens self-identify as LGBTQ+ (Source: Williams Institute)
  • 53% reported confidence in their knowledge of the health needs of LGBTQ+ patients (Source: Journal of Clinical Oncology)
  • 36.9% reported confidence in their knowledge of the health needs of transgender patients. (Source: Journal of Clinical Oncology)
  • 70.4% want education regarding the unique health needs of LGBTQ patients. (Source: Journal of Clinical Oncology)

Providing Support & Information

Designed to be inclusive of all members of the LGBQ+ community, their support persons and allies.

Holistic Wellness

Introduction to the support program including structure, purpose, and goals.  This session introduces common concerns experienced by those undergoing various modalities of treatment for breast illnesses.  This session will introduce wellness and what it looks like for each person.  We will also introduce the remaining sessions and how it all correlates.


The present is just that, a gift.  This session will help with working with energy within and around to stay grounded and present in the here and now.  These techniques are especially helpful for managing anxiety (worrying about the future) and depression (worrying about the past)


When signing up for any treatment, risks and benefits are discussed.  This session is intended to discuss how to safely navigate life while experiencing side effects of medical and/or surgical treatments.  Safety tips include, but are not limited to, how to live life with numbness, change in body composition, mobility, independence, range of motion, vision, and more.


Emotions, thoughts, and feelings can be difficult to manage or understand.  This session is intended to offer techniques to cope with the difficult situations and decisions that often occur for people experiencing breast issues.

With so many ways to express and experience it, grief can be exhausting and confusing.  This session will discuss the stages, some tools to process it and how to show kindness to yourself and others during the process.


With so much information out there where do you begin?  Nutrition in cancer care can be challenging, this session will help to get us back to basics and discuss the recommended daily guidelines. This is not a “one size fits all” discussion and is not medical advice but is a place to discuss what a healthy foundation looks like during your cancer care.

Taking My Sexy Back

Getting back confidence and power in a way that seemed lost.

For those struggling with a new body image, self-confidence and self-esteem following treatment or a mastectomy.  Survivors share lessons learned and tips to build back confidence and empowerment.

Our Vision/Mission

ICBH will provide education and resources for LGBTQ+ individuals who are in treatment for, or seeking to prevent, breast cancer, and work to build improve cultural competence within the healthcare system through collaboration with academic and healthcare organizations.

Support that empowers you...

Our goal is to empower you to advocate for yourself in order to obtain care in an environment that treats your authentic self.

The support program is designed to provide a space for open discussion about challenges faced by those with breast health issues ranging from wellness to safety, to coping and grief.

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Informed Decision Making

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Remove Barriers

Breast Health Literacy

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